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Our age and developmentally appropriate soccer camps will encompass technical development, physical development and game related practice all in an environment geared towards the players having fun and experiencing a wide range of soccer activities. An experienced coaching team from across the country will deliver activities from age specific curriculum's to give players the best possible soccer experience.




U5 - U7

Laramie Summer Soccer Camps are a great way for your children to experience soccer in a safe environment with coaches who have abundant experience working with these youngest age groups. With our fun and exciting daily themes, players will have the chance to work on the fundamentals of soccer through games that will allow their creativity and imagination to come through while learning and developing individual ball mastery.


U8 - U10

Camp for our U8 - U10’s will delve into the specifics of technique and it application from first touch and dribbling to a range of passing techniques, as well as skills and moves straight from the worlds top players! With emphasis on further developing individual ball mastery, players will also work closely in small groups as they learn and develop the tactical aspects of soccer all while having a fun and exciting soccer camp experience.


U11 - U13

Our summer soccer camps are a great way to further progress a players development and properly prepare players to compete in the 11v11 game as they transition to a full field for the first time. Daily themes will include aspects of working within larger, functional groups with defenders, midfielders and attackers to truly develop an understanding of each position and the roles of each, to help identify where players will excel as they head towards the college pathway all while playing in a fun and challenging camp environment.


U14 and above.

The summer camps are an ideal way to prepare players for competitive soccer for both club and school during a camp that is tailored towards preparing the players for the college pathway. Daily themes aimed at accelerating all aspects of a players development from physical aspects such as speed, agility and quickness to functional group work, working on position specific fitness and technique. A brilliant way for players to experience an in depth professional coaching and training environment where all sessions have been meticulously planned to prepare players for the next step in their soccer careers.