Casual vs. Competitive

Please remember this is a recreational soccer league. This season the divisions will be either competitive or casual. Coed divisions must have 2 or more women on the field at all times.


Guidelines for casual leagues:

The purpose is to give less experienced players plenty of touch and prevent injuries. There is no age restriction, though the following guidelines must be maintained.

- Play to your opponent's skill level. When challenging a slower/less-skilled player, tone down your game to try to match your opponent.

- Aggressive play, including the use of one's size/momentum/speed to charge through opponent players will only be tolerated between similarly skilled and/or sized players.  

- This is a self-regulating league. Fellow players may request that you tone down your play. If your level of play becomes too aggressive for this league, you may be subject to a yellow-card—either by the referee or the Board of LSC.

- If you desire an opportunity for more competitive play, please sign up for the competitive leagues.


Guidelines for competitive leagues:

- Players must be 15 years of age or older.


Important Notes

- In an effort to improve the sportsmanlike conduct, fun of the game, and recreational nature of the league for all participants, our policy is:     Red cards that are issued for serious foul play, misconduct, or violent conduct will be fined $50 and the player will be suspended at least two games, $75 each subsequent red card plus suspension.   The referee on the field will not determine fines.  The LSC referee commissioner and the adult soccer commissioner will review all violations with the referee and determine if a fine is issued.  Players will not be allowed to play until fines are paid.

Slide tackles will not be allowed by any player on the field of play in ANY adult division with the exception of the goalie.  The goalie will be allowed to slide inside the goalie box as long as they keep their cleats to the ground and not up.