Costs & Sponsors

Where does my $75 go?

- Park user fees are $12/person

- Insurance is $30/person

- Referee fees are $30/game

- Championship & toilet bowl t-shirts for both leagues

- Equipment & advertising

-Any extra goes to support Laramie youth soccer



To defer costs, we encourage you to get a team sponsors.  About half the teams secure a sponsor to help with the cost of team t-shirts and registrations.  If you receive a sponsor, contact us.  We can provide coupon codes to lower the cost of individual registrations.


Where to get sponsors?

- Ask your boss – businesses often support teams to promote fitness and advertising

- Ask your favorite bar or restaurant – wearing a t-shirt with the name of the business is good advertising and going out with the team after a game is both good team-building and great support for businesses

- Need more ideas – contact us at