- Players and team captains should not dissent from the decision of the referee.

- No hats with hard bills

- Shin guards with sock coverings must be worn.

- Referees can expel any person, including those on the sidelines, from the game for inappropriate conduct.

- Any player lying on the field shall be presumed injured, and game play must stop immediately.

- Time of play is continuous and cannot be stopped by a player or a play.  No overtime is played; tied games remain a tie.

- In casual leagues, understand your competition and play to their level.  The experience should be enjoyable for everyone, and playing at a level far beyond and above what your competition is able to play at demonstrates poor sportsmanship.  This does not mean you cannot play hard or try to win, but it is important to act accordingly if there is a vast difference in ability level.

- Do not play overly aggressive.  Slide tackles are not permitted apart from the goal keeper when he is in the box.  Do not run people over, especially if there is a large size difference or skill difference.  While injuries may occur, we all should take every effort to prevent them.

- Cards can be issued.  Yellow cards represent a warning, and players receiving a red card will be fined a $50.00 fine and serve a two (2) game suspension.  Subsequent red cards will result in a fine of $75.00.  While all red cards will be reviewed by the LSC Board, respect the game and your opponents such that they will be unnecessary.  All decisions by the LSC Board concerning red cards will be final.



Field size:

The field will be approximately 70 x 50 yards with all appropriate field markings and equipment adjusted accordingly with the exception of the penalty mark.  The penalty mark will remain at 12 yards from the goal line.

Time of play:

Two 30 minutes halves will be played with a five-minute half-time period.

There shall be no stoppages of play, including for injuries.

Game time starts when scheduled (5:45 PM/7:00 PM) and shall not extend beyond sixty-five minutes from the scheduled start time (6:50 PM/8:05 PM).


Free substitutions will be allowed (the ball need not be dead). The player leaving the field of play must be OFF the field before the replacement is allowed to enter the game. The exchange is made at the side of the team’s touchline area.  If an advantage is gained by a team through an illegal substitution, at the discretion of the referee, player may be shown a caution and play restarted according to FIFA rules.  Both teams must substitute from the same touchline and at the half-line.

Number of players:

There will be a maximum of seven players on the field from each team.  A minimum of five players will be required for all scheduled games.  There must be at least 2 women on the field in both leagues.


All players must be able to provide photo identification when requested by the referee, or will not be allowed to play.


Any team not ready to play within ten minutes after the scheduled game time shall forfeit the game.

Any team fielding a player who is not registered with LSC or is not on their official team roster shall forfeit the game.

In the case of a forfeit, the winning team, or non-forfeiting team, will be awarded a 1-0 win.

Goal Kicks:

All goal kicks, taken by any player, must touch a second player (outside the penalty area) or the ground before crossing the half-way line.  Goal kicks not properly put into play shall be retaken.


When the ball is punted or thrown by the goalkeeper, the ball must not cross the half-way line without first touching the ground or any player.  Infraction of this rule will result in an indirect free kick from the point where the ball crossed the half-way line to the opposing team.

System to Determine Standings:

A three point system will be used to track a team’s wins/losses/ties.

     - 3 points for a win;

     - 0 point for a loss;

     - 1 points for a tie. 


After the last week of scheduled games, there will be a tournament.  Schedules for that will come out after the last scheduled games. 

Please make sure any tournament players play at least 3 regular session games before playing in the tournament.


All players of the same team will have matching, or close to matching colors of shirts.

All teams must bring both a navy/black colored and a white shirt to each scheduled game.  Referees may ask players to change shirts if they feel shirts are too similar.

When opposing teams are wearing the same color shirts that team listed first in the schedule will be designated the "Home team" and will be required to wear white.

Minimum players:

A minimum of two field players must be female.  If two females are not available for play, then teams must play short player(s).  In the event any team is unable to field at least one player of the opposite gender, that team forfeits the game. No more than 5 males may be on the field at one time.


Any and all PROTESTS will be submitted in WRITING within 24 hours of the end of the game under protest. Each protest will be accompanied with a $50.00 Protest Fee and handed to one of the League Commissioners. No protest will be considered unless these conditions are met.


Yellow card means caution – if a player receives a second yellow card during the same game it is equivalent to a red card.

Red card means ejection from the remainder of the game and area if necessary.  If a player receives a red card they are suspended from the next two scheduled games his/her team plays and may be subject to monetary fines.  If a player receives a red card for fighting, they will be suspended from the league indefinitely.  No replacement will be allowed to the team’s roster for any player that is suspended indefinitely.  The referee’s decision regarding red cards is final. 

Remaining Rules:

With the exception of those rule changes noted herein, all league games will be conducted under the current FIFA Laws of the Game (equipment, rules, etc.). 

Special Notes

1.       In the event of foul weather, please check email and the website. If no messages are sent, players should report to the field where the decision will be made concerning the playing of the game.  If at all possible, all games will be played.

2.       Remember, this adult league is primarily a recreational league.  That is to say that competition is desirable, but so is good sportsmanship, meeting new people, and enjoying the game of soccer. Please keep foul language off the fields and don't get into arguments with the opposite team.  Remember this is about having FUN! 

Weather Policy (Lightning)

Show up at the field, unless you receive a notification that the City has closed the fields.

Using “Spark” from the Weather Bug app as the lightning detection device (LDD):

  • When you see lightning, check the LDD.
  • If the LDD indicates the lightning strike was less than 6 miles away, then cease all activity and ensure everyone clears the field and seeks safe shelter, immediately.
  • Once LDD indicates lightning strikes are more than 6 miles away, resume play.

If the game has not started or has not reached half time, wait for 20 minutes, if the lightning is still present, the game will be rescheduled.

If the game has reached half time, the game will be considered complete.