Blizzard & LSA Have Merged

Laramie Blizzard Soccer and Laramie Soccer Association have officially merged to form "Laramie Soccer Club" (LSC).

Q. Why the change?
A. Our programs can work more effectively together to provide Laramie with the best player development  and coaching training. All programs will be affiliated and insured with the Wyoming Soccer Association. As the largest youth sports organization in Laramie, we are taking the lead to develop a new indoor/outdoor youth sports facility south of Laramie.

Q. How will this change affect my soccer player or team?
A. The new organization will be called "Laramie Soccer Club" and soccer operations and programs will be administered by the board of LSC. Competitive travel teams will still carry the "Blizzard" name, similar to Cheyenne Soccer Club "Sting" or Fort Collins "Arsenal" programs. LSA programs will continue under the heading of "Recreational" youth soccer. Both Competitive and Recreational youth soccer programs will continue as they have in the past for Spring 2017. Adult summer recreational league will also continue.

Q. How can I get information about LSA or Blizzard programs?
A. We are in the process of integrating operations and moving to a new registration platform and website. In the meantime, you can continue to find information here:
Competitive programs (Blizzard) and Polar Bears:,

Recreational programs (LSA)

Q. Will I need to buy a new uniform?
A. The club is working on new branding and logos and will also discuss uniforms for both recreational and competitive programs in the future. For Spring 2017, uniforms for both programs will be the same as have been used in the past.

Q. Will fees change?

A. This club merger will not directly affect program fees. All fees for Spring 2017 will be the same as Fall 2016. A review of fees is conducted by the board each year to ensure that the club is covering costs, and adjustments may be made as necessary. It is our goal to be sure that all players have the opportunity to play soccer in Laramie and we will consider that in any fee discussion or changes. Competitive programming will carry more of the cost recovery burden than will recreational programming.

Q. Who are the board members of LSC?
A. Board members of LSC for 2017 are:

President: John Hoberg
VP - Competitive: Sean McCrea
VP - Recreational: David McCarthy
VP - Adult: Sue Koller

Director Of Coaching - David Hayes
Treasurer: Laura Tangeman
Registrars: Mike Pearce, Dalelynn Meyer, Janelle Krueger
Secretary: Pete Zaferos
Directors: Jimmy Mora, Jeanette Boyers, Mark Pearce, Dean Gallegos, Richard Jacobson