Laramie Soccer Club aims to provide all players of all abilities and ages the opportunity to play soccer at every level of youth soccer. Players as young as five years of age can join the club and play soccer all the way through to U19 and beyond into adulthood. 


The Laramie united Player Pathway

Laramie Soccer Club is proud to announce the introduction of the Player Pathway for youth soccer in Laramie. As shown above, the club has developed a clear path for all players of all abilities. From players as young as five years old joining our Lil' Wranglers program, to creating a soccer journey for those players who hope to go on and play at the highest possible competitive level, to the more recreational player, the opportunity to play throughout their youth soccer journey is clearly defined.

All teams associated with Laramie Soccer Club play under the 'United' banner. The United program, starting at U6 in our new Pre-Academy Program, and into the new Laramie United Academy, is a sign of the unity between our recreational/intramural programs and our competitive/travel teams. 


Soccer Age Group Matrix

Please use this age group breakdown chart to find out which age group your child will be placed for the 2019/20 soccer season.

Please use this age group breakdown chart to find out which age group your child will be placed for the 2019/20 soccer season.


Laramie United Programs

U5: Lil' Wranglers

The Lil' Wranglers program is a youth soccer experience for players born in 2015 and 2016. With your choice of one of two weekday sessions and small sided games on weekends, it is the perfect introduction to the game of soccer in a safe, fun and educational environment.


U6 - U7: Laramie United Pre-Academy

The Laramie United Pre-Academy Program is for all of our players born in 2013 and 2014. The Laramie United Pre-Academy program is an intramural style program where players will train twice per week and play games on the weekend against other teams in the same age group from the club. The aim of our United Pre-Academy program is to prepare all players to play and enjoy all levels of soccer in a fun, exciting and educational environment. 


U8 - U19: Laramie United Intramurals

Laramie Soccer Club offers recreational programs accessible to all players regardless of experience. Through participation in our recreational soccer program, youth will develop positive relationships, leadership skills, and above all good sportsmanship. Laramie United Intramural leagues will be available for youth players, with all games played in Laramie, every Fall and Spring.


U8 - U10: Laramie United Academy Program

The Laramie United Academy Program is designed to provide youth soccer players the opportunity to train and play to best prepare them for competitive Travel soccer. The United Academy teams will train twice per week and compete in competitive games in leagues based in Fort Collins. The Academy coaches will work from a detailed soccer specific curriculum to best prepare all player to compete at the best possible level of Travel soccer.


U11 - 13: Laramie United Travel Soccer

The Travel soccer program is for those players who wish to play at the most competitive level of their age group. The teams at these ages play in the Colorado Centennial League and compete across the state. The teams will train two to three times per week with 4 home and 4 away games per season (Fall and Spring). The coaches and players will work from a detailed curriculum designed by the Director of Coaching to provide players with all the technical and tactical skills needed to play to the best of each individual's ability as the teams in these age groups transition from 9v9 to 11v11.


U14 - U19: Laramie United Travel Soccer

Similar to the earlier travel age group, teams play in the Colorado Centennial League during the Fall and the Spring with 4 home and 4 away games per season. All teams play 11v11 with all teams aiming to play at the highest possible competitive level with teams training two to three times per week and playing games on the weekends. The coaches and teams work from a detailed curriculum to provide the best platform for all players to succeed.


U8 - U13: Development Program

The Laramie United Development Program is designed to accommodate the players looking for a more competitive experience than Intramural Soccer but do not want the commitment of a full travel soccer experience. The Development program is designed for teams who wish to enter a nearby competitive soccer league either in Ft. Collins or scrimmage against teams in Wyoming. Players, like the intramural program will train one to two times per week, dependent on the coach, with games organized for the weekends.


U14 - U19: Laramie United Tournament Teams

Due to school athletic restrictions in the Spring, and in the absence of a competitive league for these age groups in the fall in Colorado, we have created the Laramie United Tournament Program. This is a program aimed to provide teams of these age groups the opportunity to train regularly throughout the fall while playing in tournaments during the fall season, before the beginning of the High School soccer season in the Spring.