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Links to assist you with the team and player registration process:

  • I do not typically use GotSoccer and do not have a team log in, click here.

  • If your team is not a club team and you are entering two teams, set up a separate account for each team.

  • If your club/team has a GotSoccer account, please use your current account. If you need your log in info click here.

  • Guest Players

    • If your child has been invited to play with a team as a guest, or they are a free-agent, and they typically play on a club team and have a current player card click here for instructions on adding them to the guest player pool.
      **Be sure you enter info on the team you are playing for or enter “free-agent” when prompted so that you are picked up by the correct team.

    • If you want to register your child as either a player with a team, or a free-agent, but they do not play with a club team and do not have a current player card you will need to register for a 3-day player pass ($15 fee). This usually applies to High School players who do not play club soccer in the fall. Please complete this registration by December 10 to ensure you are included on your team roster.

  • If you want to add a guest player to your roster click here for info, (3-day player pass players will be uploaded to the pool once per day, check back tomorrow if you do not see them today)

  • All coaches must be certified through a local club and have a coaching card. If you do not have this certification, typically High School coaches and guest/parent coaches need this certificate, click here to register as a coach (do both the background check and concussion training, cost is $15). This takes up to 2 weeks for the background check to clear, so please finish this process by December 1.